Onboarding & Induction

"Develop orientation and induction programs that introduce your organization’s values and culture to new employees so they feel supported from day one and are inspired to begin their new roles."

Onboarding is more than filling out the required paperwork for payroll and benefits. Induction is not merely a “to do list.” Onboarding and induction is the first chance an organization gets to introduce its corporate culture. It’s also the first opportunity to begin modeling best practices. Onboarding and induction represent a valuable and extremely important opportunity for your employees to start networking with their peers and to develop a working relationship with their manager. 

Too often, onboarding and induction are simply checklists with actions that are not tracked. Employees are left on their own to find the required resources to understand their new role.  

At TELUS, we created a comprehensive, first 90-day onboarding program that is tracked by employees as well as their manager. By eliminating traditional onboarding obstacles for both employees and hiring managers, you can ensure an employee’s first experience with your organization and brand is positive and lasting. 

Can your organization provide a more thorough orientation experience for new employees and new leaders? Is your induction program reflective of your core values? When your employees complete their onboarding experience, are they set up for success?

TTO can help you create a comprehensive onboarding and induction program that focuses on networking activities, exposure to senior leadership and provides a detailed explanation of your unique culture and core values. This could help you reduce attrition and helps new employees and leaders feel engaged, enabled and productive in their new role.