Flexible Work Styles ®

"In the right role, employees should be able to create, innovate, collaborate and work where, when and how they are most effective."

Organizations are changing; difficult financial conditions, talent retention issues and increased customer scrutiny are forcing them to rethink how they operate. Real estate costs continue to increase while the ecological footprint of companies and employees is rising. 

Customer and employee expectations are also changing. Supporting today’s customer demands may require employees across multiple time zones and flexible work arrangements that help achieve a better work-life rhythm. If organizations can’t provide support for their customers and their employees, business will be impacted.

You must consider more than just anticipated cost savings. Supporting your employees is essential to the success of any flexible work program. Do you have the technology infrastructure to support flexible work arrangements? Do you have the leadership and open culture mindset to enable the business to flourish when your organization wants to shift to telecommuting options? 

TTO can guide you in the development of change management and communication plans, as well as help determine what tools, support channels & technologies are essential to maintain and increase employee productivity while shifting to a flexible work styles environment and operating model.