Digital Readiness & Connected Learning

“Use collaborative technology and improved learning models to connect people to content, people to people and people to ideas.”

The way we work is changing. Fewer organizations operate in a single location, sell a single product or offer a single service; workforces are becoming more disparate and diverse requiring new and improved methods of collaborating and communicating.

Organizations can no longer support a learning model based solely on formal learning such as face-to-face classroom events and eLearning courses.  Highly motivated and engaged employees expect to have convenient access to various connected learning opportunities, collaboration tools and social technologies. People rely on external tools like LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter outside of work and expect the same tools and open mindset to be available at their place of work so they can perform in their role more effectively.

Are you prepared to shift how employees learn, collaborate and communicate? Can your organization support informal and social learning? Are your employees ready to share knowledge with fellow team members? Do you have digital tools in place?

TTO can help your organization develop a digital strategy that leverages blended learning programs and introduces collaborative tools to support diverse learning styles, employee demographics and geographical locations.