Career & Talent Services

"Utilize an easy to understand career development framework that helps employees excel in their current role and further develop the knowledge and skills to obtain their next role."

Employee engagement partially depends on job fulfillment. If your employees are unable to develop the necessary skills to succeed in their current role or to identify future roles that align to their passions, they may think about leaving or worse, become disengaged.

In-role development is a requirement – a right, you might say – for employees to be successful, but organizations must also focus on career development. If it is difficult for employees to visualize a career path, understand what skills are required to land their next role or find the appropriate learning and development resources to support their career ambitions, it will be hard for them to take control of their own career.

Career development is a shared process. Managers must understand how to help employees develop and grow while employees must know where they can go for assistance. If managers do not have the necessary resources to support the professional growth of employees while developing their own leadership skills, the health of their team and the organization’s long-term success is at risk.

Do your employees believe your organization offers both short-term and long-term career goals and objectives as well as the resources and specific support to achieve them? Do your managers understand their role in the career development process?

TTO can help your organization develop a strategy and the required resources for career assessment, career planning and career development that addresses the needs of employees at any level looking for support with their careers.