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Making the leap

Stepping away from old cultural habits toward new ones might seem daunting. We’ve learned there are behaviours to change, patterns to reshape, and new approaches and processes to introduce. But we believe that if we can do it, so can you. Our team offers the following assessment and consulting services to help your organization develop strategies and implement concepts that transform your corporate culture into your competitive advantage.

Digital Readiness & Connected Learning

Are you prepared to shift how employees learn, collaborate and communicate? Can your organization support informal and social learning? Are your employees ready to share knowledge with fellow team members? Do you have digital tools in place?

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Leadership & Culture

Has your organization identified, and embedded open leadership behaviours to execute your strategy which then empowers your employees to do what’s right for your customers?

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Career & Talent Services

Do your employees believe the organization offers them short and long-term career goals and objectives as well as the resources and specific support to achieve them? Do your managers understand their role in the career development process?

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Onboarding & Induction

Can your organization provide a more thorough orientation experience for new employees and new leaders? Is your induction program reflective of your organization’s core values? When your employees complete their onboarding experience, are they set up for both short and long-term success?

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Flexible Work Styles ®

Do you have the technology infrastructure to support flexible work arrangements? Do you have the leadership and open culture mindset to enable the business to flourish when your organization wants to shift to telecommuting options?

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Learning Services

TELUS Transformation Office offers classes, lectures and workshops to help distill concepts into memorable learning engagements. You can choose the length of the session desired, and our experts will adapt to the setting in which you need us. 

Note: All TTO classes can be delivered in a face-to-face setting or in a virtual environment. Virtual classes are shorter in duration to maximize engagement and effectiveness.

Half-Day Session

A morning or afternoon of learning in workshop format, with a mix of formal lecture and hands-on participation with plentiful exercises is what we offer. It’s ideal for on-site training days, where your whole team can participate.

Full-Day Session

Put aside your emails and meetings for the day and unplug, connecting instead with new ideas and approaches to help reinvent your workplace. This format allows you to step back enough to see the bigger picture of cultural engagement, and step forward into work the next day to start making real change. 

3-Day Course

A retreat-style format to help your leadership team immerse themselves in thinking designed to rejuvenate your organizational culture. 

Consulting Packages

Choose from a mix of consulting services, take-home content, and learning services to build the experience that best fits your organization.

Any TTO consulting package can be customized to fit your unique organizational requirements.


Leading Your Team In A Digital World

Flexible work arrangements are an important part of organizational culture. Employees say it is positively enhancing their productivity and engagement, the customer experience and your attractiveness as an employer. Giving employees the flexibility to work when and where they are most effective allows people to focus on supporting an exceptional customer experience while achieving their personal work-life balance goals.

Leading a team in a digital world means new challenges and new opportunities for leaders. TTO will work with your organization to help leaders at all levels maximize the effectiveness of their team in a digital environment. It is an opportunity to share challenges and best practices as you adapt your skills to lead effectively in this new work environment.


Collaboration Starter-Kit

Effective collaboration requires more than just a set of tools deployed to the organization in an attempt to solve the problem. Employees should understand how these tools can help identify solutions to difficult problems; have meaningful formal and informal conversations; get the most out of meetings; and create a network, and promote and support professional development through commitment to continuous learning. 

TTO will work with your organization to develop collaborative best-practices, learning opportunities, communication strategies and also offer suggestions on how to drive adoption of your social technologies to drive effective collaboration across the business.


Team Norms

Team Norms are designed to help you lead a high performing team by building relationships based on trust and transparency. Team Norms are about interaction and relationships, not about policy - they are ultimately about creating a foundation that supports the dynamic culture of your team, regardless of work style. 

The Team Norms consulting package will allow you to work with the TELUS team to explore what team norms are and in particular how they relate to leading a virtual or work styled team according to the TELUS culture of engagement, collaboration and innovation. You will also be introduced to some best practices and brilliant ideas from teams and leaders that have already established team norms.