Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is not about a score; it’s a mindset. Engagement is the manifestation of both the intellectual and emotional state of mind employees have in an organization. Engagement indicates the extent to which an employer has captured the heart of its team members. 

Team member engagement is an essential factor in measuring the health of an organization as important as operational performance and the organization’s standing in its industry or sector. Engaged team members are productive, innovative and take ownership of results.

Why is employee engagement important to TELUS?

Employee engagement at TELUS is about strengthening the spirit and capturing the hearts and minds of our team members in a way that contributes to our overall business performance. An engaged team is realized when our team members truly believe in and are proud of the company they work for, and see a strong connection between their daily contributions and TELUS' success.

How did we get from 53 per cent to 85 per cent?

Look at the improvements to our six key engagement drivers since 2007.

  • Learning

    59% to 76%

  • Career

    47% to 70%

  • Performance

    49% to 76%

  • Recognition

    45% to 75%

  • Work/Life Balance

    54% to 74%

  • Leadership

    53% to 82%

Leading engagement viewpoints

Employee engagement isn't just a metric TELUS measures. External consulting firms have their entire business model wrapped around the surveying and research of employee engagement.

Aon Hewitt defines an engaged employee as one who speaks positively about the organization to co-workers, potential employees and customers; has an intense desire to be a member of the organization; and exerts extra effort and is dedicated to doing the very best job possible to contribute to the organization’s business success.

In its latest research, Aon Hewitt indicated over 40 per cent of employees are either passive or actively disengaged.

Gallup believes employee engagement is the ability to work with passion and feel a profound connection to the company they work for. An engaged employee drives innovation and moves the organization forward.

Sadly, Gallup believes roughly only 30 per cent of all global employees are in fact engaged in the organization they work at, and the percentage hasn’t materially changed since 2002.

BlessingWhite states that employee engagement is based on an employees’ contribution to the company’s success as well as their personal satisfaction in the role they hold.

In North America, BlessingWhite reports only 40 per cent of all employees are engaged in their roles and organization.